Social dance parties give you a great opportunity to practice and master freshly learned steps, to meet new people, and to build your confidence on the dance floor. Our studio offers a very comfortable atmosphere and our welcoming crowd who is always there to dance with you and help you to develop your social dance skills. Our instructors teach a group dance lessons at the beginning of each social dance party so you can mingle and get to know other dancer, as well as, to make you feel comfortable and welcomed! We can reassure you that you will have a fun and memorable experience. You can join our social dance parties even if you are not our student. To find out about our upcoming events click on the button below:

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Holiday Dance Party

Our Holiday Dance Party is the way to start the merry and peaceful Holiday season! Start this wonderful season with us! Get lost in a magical Ballroom dance tunes, enjoy performances of our students, bring your friends to learn some Swing steps that you could use this Carnival season. Taste the Holiday favorites and warm … Continued

Social dance parties at Main Line Dance Sport Academy