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How to Get The Most Out of Social Dancing

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Social dancing is on of the oldest and most fun ways in which people connect. Think 17th century balls, the early 20th century speakeasy scene, big band foxtrot, Sock Hop socials, the “Twist”, Disco, Salsa and all of the other dances that have become big parts of the culture of their respective generations.

So, you are new to dance and wondering where or how you can use this new skill outside of the classroom? Maybe you are more experienced but haven’t made the jump into the social dance scene. Many people feel that they have to wait until they fully “learn” a dance before they can even attempt to venture out and use it. I am here to say that that hurts you more than helps. One of the BEST ways to learn how to dance is with a healthy balance of lesson time with your teacher AND taking the opportunity to go out and dance socially on your own (or with a partner). You learn the technical skills from your teacher, but the invaluable lessons of confidence, thinking on your feet and getting to enjoy the most fundamental joy of just dancing is the lesson learned when you go out dancing.

So, where do you start? A good place to dip your toes in is to try out studio parties. Studio parties offer a familiar atmosphere, you will have a basic idea of what kind of music and therefore dances will be played, and best of all, your teacher will be there to assist when you get stuck! Ready to kick it up a notch? Join us at Xolo’s Restaurant for a real night out dancing! This type of event will give you a wider variety of partners/levels, different music and atmosphere without loosing the benefit of having some of our teachers present.

If you go out to a wedding or somewhere else and you see something unfamiliar or you had trouble with something that usually works perfectly in a lesson, you can always ask your teacher next time you see them. This will broaden your scope of knowledge and will increase your pace of learning and mastery of this beautiful art form immeasurably!

Happy Dancing!

-Teresa Travis-


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