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Salsa Dance Classes 

Salsa Dance Classes

Do you know the popular saying: “You don’t use it, you lose it?” If so, then how important is to practice what you learn? We have the answer: It is extremely important and practice should be your number one dance goal. You come to your lessons, you practice at the studio but never go out and put all those learned steps into a real world dance scene. Some people are afraid to face other, maybe more advanced dancers, some are self -conscious, pay too much attention to their posture or focus too much on perfecting every single step. As much as having a  good technique and posture is important, sometimes it is better to just take a chance and let the music carry you.

We understand how difficult is sometimes put al the steps that you have learned into a cohesive and fun dance routines. We know that sometimes it is stressful to follow someone who may know all the fancy steps. During our Salsa dance classes – Nightclub workshop in only 5 weeks, we will help you to gain confidence by teaching you fun Salsa routines that you could use in a Latin Dance Club. We will put all the steps that you mastered into a dance masterpiece that will help you to shine on a social dance floor. Our Sala dance classes – Nightclub workshop will take 5 weeks and within that time you will be able to turn, follow and lead, shake and twist. We will help you to feel comfortable dancing with different partners  – Salseros/Salseras. As a bonus, you will have a chance to try yourself and perform at out Fall party, and overcome your fear of public dancing!

So don’t wait. Join us on September 11th at 7:00pm and let the fun begin! Salsa dance classes – Nightclub workshop is the class for you! www. dancesportpa.com

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