Kids Ballroom Dancing Classes

Kids Ballroom Dancing Classes

Does your child have a ton of energy? Like music? Struggle with shyness? Kids Ballroom dancing classes can be an excellent activity to get your child excited about dance and focus their energy. By nature, ballroom and Latin dancing takes discipline, coordination with a partner, and is of course one of the best art forms out there! This last statement may be a bit biased, but here is why I think you should get your child into ballroom dancing.


  • Teaches musicality, self-awareness, and coordinated movement. This will benefit them no matter where life takes them.
  • Helps kids overcome shyness or various social anxieties by creating a fun and inclusive learning environment. Ballroom dancing teaches kids good social skills and helps to foster teamwork.
  • Provides a lifelong skill. Whether they go on to compete or just dance for fun, learning how to dance will benefit them their whole lives!
  • Most importantly, ballroom dancing is a great fusion of art and sport where both boys and girls can have fun and excel.


Dancesport Academy Ardmore currently has a kids program for ages 9-11 and an intermediate program from ages 13-19. Our staff tailors a ballroom fusion class for the younger kids to help them develop a strong foundation in music and movement all while learning how to dance and interact with each other. Contact Dancesport Academy at or 610-642-2525 to sign up!